Consciously Transform with a "Fresh Mind"

Companies invest huge sums in transformation projects. Unfortunately, 60-80% of these projects do not lead to the desired outcomes. Why?

According to a Harvard study, 95% of our daily decisions are made unconsciously. We only have a different choice, when we become aware of this fact. The quality of our decisions is mainly influenced by the mindset. Therefore, the mindset of leaders and employees becomes the key to success.

To prepare our mindset to be changed, we first playfully explore the unconscious barriers in our heads. The "FreshBiz Game" serves as an insightful business simulation and at the same time provides an easy introduction to self-reflection on how we react under stress. Since our brain does not distinguish between game and reality, the participants can easily recognize the thought and behavior patterns, which no longer serve them.

In the second step, we use neuroscience to demonstrate how these patterns can be changed and how we can consciously switch from the "Fixed Mindset" to the "Growth Mindset" in order to find new, holistic perspectives and more intelligent answers.



  • FreshBiz Game – playfully discover your thought and behaviour patterns
  • Differences between Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset
  • Mindset Test – Which one do I tend to?
  • The Power of Consciousness
  • Consciously shift into Growth Mindset
  • (Intensive Application Training – option 2 only)



  1. Workshop "Fresh Mind Experience"  - Duration: 0.5 days
  2. Seminar "Fresh Mind Master Class" - Duration: 2 days

The "FreshBiz" Game