Who We Are

" The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away."

Pablo Picasso

We are experts in leadership, consciousness and culture transformation and we follow a common vision.


In our vision, we are convinced, that leaders can make a huge difference in the world by creating an environment, which inspires people to go to work and feel fulfilled by applying their unique talents to contribute to something greater than themselves.


Our mission is to inspire and facilitate organisations and leaders, who share our vision and are passionate to turn it into reality.


In search for an innovative and game-changing leadership model, which combines philanthropy and sustainable business success, we constantly encountered the topic of consciousness. Consciousness is the best catalyst for transformation, because the consciousness of leaders significantly impacts the present thought and behaviour patterns in organisations. Therefore it is no surprise, that the most successful sustainable organisations are led by visionary leaders, who constantly work on their own consciousness to exemplify the change, they want to see in the world.


Our “gift“ is to support leaders in growing their consciousness. Being leaders for the past decades, we know their conditions very well. This understanding combined with our vast knowledge about leading people consciously into a prosperous future, which is currently emerging, makes us quite unique.


Our “purpose“ is to spread our game-changing knowledge and experience to as many organisations and leaders as possible.  


Among others, our work is inspired by the following thought leaders: Richard Barrett, Otto Scharmer, Edgar Schein, Frederic Laloux, Robert Kegan, Jean Houston, Raj Sisodia, faculty of O&O Academy and the professors at INSEAD Business School.

The Team

Dr. Jan Bellermann

Dr. Jan Bellermann is an international Key Note Speaker, Trainer and Coach for conscious leadership. He is an inspiring facilitator to establish values-driven organisational cultures. Jan was many years part of the senior leadership team of an international ICT company. As a visionary Leader, Mentor and Coach in an ever changing multicultural environment, he inspired his people to develop several award winning innovations.

During the past 10 years he acquired a vast knowledge of psychology, quantum physics and neuroscience. The question, what these insights mean in our everyday life, was driving his passion into self-development and the growth of consciousness. He is delighted about having found a way to achieve great business results with a human leadership style. To share his fulfilling insights with as many people as possible, he developed together with Regina Brand the Conscious Leadership approach. Jan is certified by the Barrett Values Centre as Cultural Transformation Consultant and by O&O Academy as an Advanced Trainer for consciousness growth. He holds an MIT certificate for Otto Scharmer’s Theory U - “Leading from the emerging Future”.


E-Mail:     jan.bellermann@conscious-leadership.academy

Phone:    +49 8106 3802 104

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Regina Brand

Regina Brand is an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD Business School and spent most of her career as leader and project manager at large global enterprises. She successfully conducted organisational change projects from the perspective of human resources and the business units and developed an award-winning international training platform. She holds a master degree in business economics with a specialisation in human resources management.

During a retreat in India, she got in touch with meditation and the power of consciousness, leading to a certification as Consciousness Trainer from O&O Academy. Regina sees herself as a sparring partner, trainer and consultant for organisations and leaders, who are looking for personal, professional and organisational transformation. She is passionate about creating a safe space to facilitate self-exploration and self-reflection. Regina helps leaders to find innovative answers to external challenges in their inner world. By making the invisible visible, she inspires her clients to consciously explore new ways of leading, collaborating and co-creating. 


E-Mail:     regina.brand@conscious-leadership.academy

Phone:    +49 8106 3802 105

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