What We Offer

Conscious Culture Transformation

The most successful companies are built on values driven cultures. We facilitate your organisation to transform and thrive by:

  • Making your culture visible and manageable
  • Finding out how healthy your organisation is
  • Discovering how engaged your employees are
  • Understanding the root causes of current dysfunction
  • Identifing which values currently drive your collaboration
  • Finding out what culture your organisation desires
  • Developing and implement an eligible values driven culture
  • Aligning operational structures to the new mind-set


Create a values driven culture for your organisation, which forms the solid basis for sustainable success in times of disruptive change.

Conscious Leadership Development

We are passionate about vertical learning.

We strongly believe that vertical development of leaders is upgrading their capabilities to master complexity and disruptive change.

Principles of Consciousness

In a simple and comprehensible way we teach you the latest scientific findings on:

  • Quantum Physics
  • Cell Biology
  • Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Heart Research


Discover the impact and power of consciousness on your decision making as a leader. Start experimenting with the laws of consciousness. 

Conscious Self-Leadership

To grow into the next better version of yourself, we support you to explore yourself: 

  • Know Yourself
    • Who are you?
    • What drives you?
    • What is holding you back?
    • What is your potential?
  • Master Yourself
    • How to master the unknown?
    • How to release your unique potential?
    • How to feel more fulfilled?
    • What are your next growth steps?


Develop clarity and inner stability in times of disruptive change. Learn necessary skills and techniques to deal with the unknown, to discover your core motivation and to go beyond your current limits. Learn how to shift from protection into growth mode and access new layers of intelligent solutions.

Conscious Team-Leadership

To get your team-leadership to the next level, we empower you to support the professional growth and personal mastery of your team members by creating a working atmosphere based on trust, appreciation, challenge and support.

  • Master your relationships and communication
  • Successfully lead the Change
  • Build a high performing team:
    • Understand the impact of consciousness on your leadership style
    • Create an inspiring growth and learning environment
      (safe space - trust, openness, curiosity, appreciation of failures)
    • Coaching of team members for personal and professional growth
    • Deal with team moods and needs
    • Access emotional, system and collective intelligence
    • Live common team values and an inspiring team mission



Create the conditions for excellence and lead an innovative, high performing team to manifest a common vision and make a difference for the whole organization and beyond. 

Executive Coaching & Team Intervention

We are passionate about your continuous growth. In our customised Executive Evolution Coaching we offer a discrete space to explore yourself at a deeper level and over a longer period in time to:

  • Identify and master your blind spot(s)
  • Discover your purpose & find (new) meaning
  • Grow in consciousness to find personal & professional fulfilment
  • Reconnect to your spiritual source

In case you wish specific support in your team growth process, we offer customised Team Evolution Intervention to:

  • Increase trust & cohesion
  • Enable the next stage of collaboration

As post programme support we offer Culture Evolution Consulting to remain on track with your Conscious Culture Transformation.



Create your personal evolution plan and achieve your goals, step by step. Lift your teamwork to the next level and keep on track with your culture evolution.